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Accessibility Scouts Camp

This project is for Kyle Bacon’s senior thesis in the Portland State Graphic Design program. It is heavily inspired by camping and scout field manuals because the forest of the digital world is a scary place and should be accessible for all. This guide is meant to get people up to speed in creating accessible Internet experience as quickly as possible in a fun and quirky manner.

This site is by no means 100% complete as of launch and a project I hope to maintain, perfect, and build upon in the future to keep up with changes in technologies and improving the learning experience. (It’s also open source, so slap in a PR if you’d like.)

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The concept

The web is a wonderful and scary place, but mostly wonderful. The access to information is astounding but most of it, is only accessible to those who are without impairments. The following manuals within this camp is to get you ready for the wild forest of the Internet and make it usable for all. (Or as close as we can get!)

The code behind the scenes.

Content, code, illustration, and design

The content, code, illustration, and design was all hand-crafted with love. I like to pride myself in being a one stop shop for most things. Especially code and design. The site includes a colophon of the site development stack and little design details.

Pattern of camp badges.


Though a silly incentive, it is a fun one. Once a user completes an article—and created an account—they have the ability to track their progess through the badges that they earn. It is setup as a little API for future additions and refactoring of the site.