A shot of the intro of the site.

The Ridiculous Six Website

Netflix produces quite a bit of content now, but the way they market it is using a simple template that ties directly into the web app. I felt like they are missing an opportunity to make a themed website that ties directly to the content to stir up more of an interest to the user of the site. I decided to go with The Ridiculous Six as a proof of concept because it was a poorly received movie, but with a little design love, the movie maybe a little more enticing through a single page marketing site that could eventually be tied directly to Netflix’s infastructure. The idea is to provide more in-depth marketing while stuff providing a seamless user pass off.

An arrow to go down to images of the projects.
A preview of some of interactions on the site.
Call to action preview

Web app tie in

A clever call-to-action, that if hooked up to Netflix’s web app, would provide a seamless transition into watching the content directly from the marketing page.