The header of the red flags website

Red Flags Card Game Site

When tasked with the prompt to design a site for a product that was engaging, well-written, and interactive, I jumped at the chance to redesign the experience for the card game Red Flags. Their site in the current state is an off-the-shelf theme, that isn’t very interesting or engaging. The design is very clean, but doesn’t entice one to want to buy from them.

The problem was improving their site to be more visually engaging and interactive. I created a demo of the game and revamped the entire marketing and purchasing experience with both business goals and end user goals in mind.

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A gif of the red flags interactive game.

A preview image of the game demo

Interactive demo

Given that their exisiting site is basically an off-the-shelf theme, the Red Flags site doesn’t have much interaction or personaility to it. One of solutions to the problem was to build a proof of concept game that could be integrated in, to add a fun and engaging way to learn the game and prompt the user to purchase a copy.

A preview image of the checkout flow.

Checkout flow

Ecommerce is something most designers want to avoid, but having a tight UX pass off is very important and should be considered. The easier one can make it to buy a product, the better for the business and the end user.