A close up picture of the homepage of Kelley, Ink

Kelley, Ink Website and Branding

This website was designed and developed for a dear colleague and friend. The logo was developed in tandum with the site. She is a wonderful writer and project manager. Most of all, a great communicator. During our research phase, we took a deep look at who she is and how she would like to portray herself as a business owner, we went as far as dreaming up a simple animation that was inspired by pressing the button of a typewriter (see the blog for an example of this.) She now is up to 13 clients and had about ten project requests for work on day one. So, I’d say this site has been a great tool for her to showcase her writing portfolio. Scroll below to see some artifacts of the process.

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An image of the typeface named ITC American Typewriter.
An image of the typeface named ATC Overlook

Color Palette

A blurred out image of the type animation on the homepage
Different logos and colors for Kelley, Ink

The logo

The logo was concepted to be simple in nature and pay homage to her love for typewriters and more importantly, communication. She wanted something that was bespoke to her and something instantly digestible for her brand.

A preview image of the Kelley.Ink blog developed by Kyle Bacon

Typewriter animations

Inherent with web as the medium, we have the option to take inspiration from the real world and inject it into websites if the conceptual direction calls for it. Not just because we can, but because it makes sense and helps to tell the story. In this case, on the blog, testimonial page, certain button elements, and others, we took the concept of pressing a button to make a mark on paper to the digital realm because it made sense and helped the narrative.

A preview image of the Kelley.Ink case study worked template developed by Kyle Bacon

Work Templates

Built two easy-to-use and update templates to present her communication work to prospective clients. Allows for any type of image, content, and button endpoint, whether that be opening a PDF or going to another site.


I am well versed in developing sites with <a class="text-link white" href="https://getgrav.org/" target="_blank">GravCMS</a>. It is very flexible, versatile, and customizable to the concept and needs of any site, big or small. <a class="text-link white" href="/contact">Contact me</a> for your next web development project. I am an end-to-end Front end designer and developer; carrying you from concept to execution.

An image of the Grav CMS DashboardA close up of the Grav CMS Dashboard

Custom Iconography

I illustrated a custom icon set that is used on the homepage of the site showcasing the skills of Kelley. If you hover over them, one gets a sweet little CSS3 animation that was inspired by pushing the keys of a typewriter, further pushing the writing and typewriter vibe.

  • Editing icon
  • Marketing Communication icon
  • Project Management icon
  • Social Media Icon
  • Story Coaching icon
  • Writing icon