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I had a friend lose all of their property in a fire a few months back. They didn't have their stuff properly catalogged, so insurance only gave them what they thought their property was worth based on a half done catalog created when they applied for insurance. I asked them why they didn't complete the catalog and they said it was a pain. There's three ways to do it, 1) find an outdated app that is horrible to use 2) use an excel spreadsheeet 3) or catalog everything analog. There's a fourth option, not doing it at all.

I came up with this app after hearing that story and looking what was on the app stores, which wasn't much and they are terrible to use. Catalogging is a long and tedious process and my goal was to make that as simple as possible. I built out an enter UX workflow on paper and in Sketch before creating the visual design and prototype. I reduced this complex task down to a few steps that can be all done on your phone and sent to wherever it needs to go. If you don't know the price to something, one can get an appraisal of an item, or that's the idea anyways!

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