A spread from the bops fest event booklet and the logo for the event.

Portland Bops Fest

PDX Jazz, the presenting organization of the Portland Jazz Festival, began operations in 2003 in preparation of the inaugural 2004 Jazz Festival. The Festival’s mandate was established as a cultural tourism initiative to celebrate February’s Black History Month by highlighting a series of jazz education and outreach programs. The main mission of PDX Jazz is to educate and create outreach opportunities to develop and inspire the next generation of jazz audiences, the audience should reflect that of a younger age bracket.

My goal for this project was to create an engaging brand to help lower the barrier to entry to jazz and make it more accessible. “Making jazz hip again” is as succinct as one can put the goal for this campaign. Increase audience attendance and awareness. As well as spark interest in a younger audience.

You can view full pdfs of the deliverables (if not, checkout some highlight images below):

A close up of the Bops Fest application.
A close up of one of the pages in the bops fest events booklet.
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A close up of the Bops Fest poster.
A close up of the typesetting in the Bops Fest Events booklet.

Instead of buying tickets through the box office or talking on the phone. This book was designed around the idea of buying them through a companion app that would also track your events and remind you of them. As well as help you navigate through them using the Google Maps API.

A close up of the typesetting in the Bops Fest Events booklet.
A spread from the Bops Fest Events booklet